Civil Litigation

A Civil litigation is a litigation relating to disputes in the nature of

  1. A right to office,
  2. A right to property,
  3. A right to lease/ rent
  4. A right to eviction,
  5. A right to mortgage/redemption and consequential questions relating to accruals on redemptions,
  6. A right to actionable claims including money,
  7. A right to sell,
  8. A right to rescind contract,
  9. A right to specific performance of contract,
  10. A right to correction of instrument(sale deed, gift deed,mortgage deed, will)
  11. A right to injunctions(Prohibitory/Mandatory)
  12. A right to declaration of office or of a right to property, passage, air, light and a water course,
  13. A right to Trade Mark, Copy Right,
  14. Rights arising out of marriage/ adoption/surrogacy