Cross Examination Chandigarh

Cross Examination – Chandigarh

Simple case of recovery of possession u/s 6 of Specific Relief Act Amitesh claimed to be in possession of one building four months ago, when he was away to Bombay in connection with some professional work. He has alleged that in due course of time, Jatinder has taken over the possession and that he may be delivered the possession of the building.

Jatinder claimed to be in possession as owner and further claimed that Amitesh was living in the house as tenant only.

Amitesh tendered his affidavit by way of evidence strictly in accordance with pleadings as aforesaid

XXX by ABC advocate for Jatinder Singh 

Q. what is your age?

Q. Are You Married?

Q. How Many Family Members Are There?

Q. How Old Are They?

Q. Are They Living In Independent Rooms?

Q. How Many Rooms Are There In The Disputed Building?

Q. Since How Long Have You Been In Possession Of Building?

Q. Do You Pay Electricity Bills. If Yes, Can You Produce The Receipts?

Q. Do You Pay Water Bills. If Yes Can You Produce The Receipts?

Q. When Did You Last Stayed In The Property?

Q. Was It Locked At The Time Of Your Departure?

Q. Who Is Jatinder?

Q. What Are His Titles To The Property?

Q. In What Capacity You Were Occupying The Property?

Q. Can You Produce The Rent Receipts?

Q. Can You Tell The Date And Time Of Your Dispossession?

Q. Whether Any Of Your Belongings Were Kept Outside The Building? If Yes, What Was The Nature Of Belonging?

Q.  Whether You Were Present At Time Of Dispossession Or You Were Told By Someone?  

Q. Who Told You And At Which Phone Number Message Was Conveyed?

Q. What Did You Do, When You Received The Information?

Q. Is It Correct That You Vacated The Premises On You Own To Settle At Mumbai, But Finding That it is difficult To Survive There, That You Have Reverted To The  disputed  Building

Q. You Are Making A False Story?


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