Land Locked States And Water Pollution Chandigarh

Land Locked States And Water Pollution – Chandigarh

As  we all know, water is a scarce resource . With the increase in human population and depletion of underground water resources, the water has started falling in the zone of scarcity.

70% of human body consists of water and as such fresh and clean water is the need of all individual’s irrespective of their nationality, region, caste, race and sex ,colour. Water was in its purest form in 1800BC. Industrialisation later slowly led to the contamination of water as the water waste used to be discharged in the rivers and nullahs allowing the pollutants to mix with the natural water. This led to the down flowing of pollutant water to neighbouring cities, States and Countries. The persons living in the down stream areas resultantly got polluted water.

And for cleaning the polluted water a fresh Industry called WATER TREATMENT PLANTS came into existence. The waste water instead it should be called as polluted water is again mixed with the water flowing in the main river keeping the flow of polluted water intact. The construction and maintenance of Water Treatment Plants require big resources and as such it was limited to corporations only. The Municipal Committees and Nagar Panchayats down stream, since lack resources, so they go on supplying the water available at their disposal whether from river or underground.

It is said that the contaminated water is cause of several diseases . Several thousands of people die because of consumption of contaminated water both flowing in the river as well as taken from under the earth. Several thousand suffer serious medical issues. These people spend crore on their treatment every year. The expenditure is continuous, but on the part of Individuals and as such the State loses nothing out of its funds. Instead it has  generated a new pharmaceutical Industry   that manufacture medicines to counter water borne diseases. Again the pollutants/waste of these units is discharged in water streams so as to flow finally in rivers. The purity of water as such is compromised.

No doubt the Various National Governments have brought law relating to control the water pollution, but the law itself is not going to solve the issue of water pollution. Just filing a complaint in the Court of Law  for breach of provisions of law regulating water pollution is not going to serve the purpose. Something concrete on the surface needs to be done.

Industrialisation is equally necessary for the economic growth of all Nations, but at the same time some such system needs to be prepared so as to allow the dirty/sullage/Industrial waste water directly to sea, after treatment, crossing all Countries falling in between. The Countries which are land locked would mix their waste water in the end of the river stream flowing to the other country. This practice can be stopped/discouraged by constructing a waste water channel  flowing to the Sea directly. Every one , as such, will have access to pure and fresh water. By construction of such channel, the underground water will also not get contaminated.


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