Practice Areas

All issues concerning Government Service/Employment like Salary,Promotion, Pension,Gratuity,Provident Fund, Insurance, Suspension,disciplinary proceedings, punishments like removal,retirement, dismissal and  issues concerning re-instatement and consequential relief are dealt with as  Service Matters.


The issues concerning motor accidents and claims  arising out of  such accidents irrespective of the fact whether the vehicles were insured or not are called Motor Accidents Claims.Happening of unfortunate events or injuries sustained and loss of vehicle and future capacity to earn livelihood are all issues those are dealt with as Motor Accident  Claims  under the Motor Vehicles Act.



Non resident Indians face a lot of horrowing times in protecting their properties aginst illegal possession. Although several special laws are there to helf them save the situation, but the Non Resident Indians need to keep their documents of the property in order. Services in the naute of upkeeping of  Revenue Record like Jamabandi, Khasra Girdawri, Title deeds periodically and getting the mutation sanctioned in  case of transfer of property and above all providing Legal Litigation Support and Estate Management Support is what we call NRI Services.


Right from groccery items to the purchase of costlyu itemjs like jewellary, cars etc and right from hiring taxi services to holidaying services, medical servic es to engineering services, if one is dissatisfied with purchase of items or  hiring of services, it is called a consumer’s right to sue for such deficiency in sale or service. Consumer Right Litigation includes

Sale of goods

Supply of services including medical/engineering/archetectural

Banking and Insurance

Consumer credit


When two or more person join together to do a business or to provide a service, sometimes differences/disturbances occur due to sudden death, retirement, dissolution of the partnership. Determination of rights and liabilities becomes a hard task to do. Intercepting such disputes is called the litigation relating to partnership.


Society is formed of homes. Family members live in the homes. Families get older day by day.Marriages, divorces, unfortunate events and even adultage of the members cause a disturbance in the family seeking a separate residence to stay and  a separate fund to secure. Implementation of wills/gifts are another factor that leads to partition of estate including money. Isssues  concerning such disputes are called Litigation relating to partition. For example

Partition of house

Partition of landed property

Partition of movable property

Partition of shares and stocks etc


Days are gone, when the housing was the subject of the State.Now colonies can be carved out by any one fulfilling the  legal requirements.As such issues concerning charges relating to change of land  use, external development do occur due to different geographical locations of the  land as well as nature and size of the plot.Such issues and issues concerning the purchase of plot/house, payment of its instalments, execution and registration of conveyance deed and deficiency in quality of material used are all disputes concerning Real Estate and Property.


With the growth of networking age, time  has testing experience of different ways of fraud concerning use of information  and technology. As a result the Trade Mark and the Copy Rights have attained the highest level of importance. The disputes concerning such issues and issues concerning theft, forgery and extortion via internet are called Information and Technology Litigation.