What after FIR is recorded?

After when the FIR is registered, the next part that begins is Investigation. Police will record your statement under section 161 of the Code of Criminal Procedure and further, the statements of eyewitnesses will be recorded. If sufficient evidence is collected during the course of the investigation, then the report under section 173 of the Code of Criminal Procedure shall be submitted with the concerned Court and after charge sheeting the accused, you may be summoned as a witness in support of your case.

This whole procedure is going to take at least 15 months. In case there is no sufficient evidence collected, then the police will file a cancellation report with the court. You will get the summons to appear and to state whether the cancellation report is acceptable to you. If you yes, then the court will accept the cancellation report. If you say NO, and file a protest petition with requisite evidence, then that petition shall be decided on merits and your case shall be treated as a complaint case and in that event, the role of Public Prosecutor will come to an end and you have to proceed with the complaint yourself until the final verdict is delivered by the court. Once An FIR is registered, it has to result in conviction or acquittal.

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