Whether there is a bar on employment of persons having undergone sentence for offences committed by them?

All organizations are empowered to provide jobs to persons who have undergone their sentence provided the conviction was not on the grounds of MORAL TURPITUDE. Thus, subjecting a woman to cruelty or killing her for dowry would be an offense involving moral turpitude.

A conviction for a charge of attempt to murder has also been held to be an offense involving moral turpitude. According to the Supreme Court, the term ‘ moral turpitude’ should not be given a narrow interpretation. Thus, any act is done contrary to justice, honesty, modesty or good morals undoubtedly falls within the sweep of moral turpitude. There are certain enactments which provide as to which offense amounts to moral turpitude.

For Example: By notifications dated 10.7.61 and 27.2.62 issued under section 13 (j) of the UP District Boards Act, 1922,the state government had declared certain offenses punishable under the Indian penal code, together with all offenses specified under schedule I of the UP Pure Food Act to involve moral turpitude for the purposes of election as a member of the District Board.

But since the said Act stands repealed, the notifications under reference also ceased to be in force. Under the Tripartite Agreement of 1966, the Bank authorities were competent to suspend an employee if he was alleged to be guilty of an offense involving moral turpitude. There are several such enactments.

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